Selection of D.O. cheeses served with fig jam and roasted peppers  (200 grs.) 18€

ico-leche ico sulfito

Smoked sardine
with basil salmorejo and Payoyo cream cheese on toasted bread  18€

ico glutenico-leche ico pescadoico-sulfito

Quarentena anchovies
on toasted bread served with sweet pepper preserve  21€


Half moons of foie gras
served with traditional Inés Rosales olive oil crackets, red fruit and an oloroso wine reduction   22€


100% Iberian assorment: Pork loin from Corteconcepción and acorn-fed iberian ham (50 grs. each)  26€

Cold Appetizers

Garlic king prawn salad
with crispy prawns and galera mayonnaise  12€


Spinach salad
with sun-fried tomatoes, goat cheese balls stuffed with figs, diced avocado, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, Parmesan and honey-lime vinaigrette  15€

ico leche  ico frutos cascaraico-sulfito

Mar Azul tomato salad
with pickled tuna, white asparagus, artichoke confit, cherry tomatoes and basil oil  16€


Grilled avocado in panko breadcrumbs
with smoked fish tartar and kimchi prawns  16€


Casa Aníbal salad
in a crispy Parmesan basket with lamb’s lettuce, rocket, veal ham, walnuts, cherry tomatoes and vintage mustard  18€


Bluefin tuna tataki
on ajoblanco sauce from Cordoba served with red grapes and wakame seaweed  18€


Steak tartar
on a ‘regañá’  (traditional Andalusian flat bread) with dressing and toasted bread  22€

ico gluten ico soja ico-huevoico-mostazaico-sulfito

Hot Appetizers

Steak croquettes (8 uds.) 13€ 

ico gluten ico leche ico huevo

Open fried anchovies
in lemon sauce with piquillo peppers 16€


Prawns in panko breadcrumbs
with kimchi and siracha (spicy)  (8 uds.)  17€

ico gluten ico soja ico crustaceo ico huevoico-sulfito

Charcoal-grilled wild and white asparagus
with cultivated and shitake mushrooms  20€

Deep-fried sea bass cubes
with romesco sauce and basil oil  21€

ico glutenico pescado

Chef’s crispy lasagne
with poached egg and cardamom bèchamel sauce  22€


Garlic prawn and scallop casserole
with kimchi and miso  22€

ico sojaico crustaceo ico molusco ico-sulfito

Aníbal-style octopus
with Iberiam potatoes, Parmesan sauce and chopped black olives  24€ 

ico-glutenico-lecheico molusco

Rice Preparations

Thai vegetable rice with pork cheek veil 16€
Minimum 2 people (price per person)


Iberian rice with local pork and ribs  22
Minimum 2 people (price per person)

Black rice with cuttlefish, king prawns and crayfish
served with basil alioli  24
Minimum 2 people (price per person)

ico crustaceo ico moluscoico-huevoico-sulfito


Flame-grilled salmon brochette with prawns
grilled avocado and seafood sauce  22€


Monkfish and hake fishballs in sauce
with our house potatoes  23€


Salted sea bass (700 grs.)  25€

ico pescado

Grilled squid
with basil oil  26€

ico molusco

Grilled sea bream
with cherry tomatoes and charcoal-grilled piquillo peppers (price 700 grs.)

ico pescado

Grilled turbot
with charcoal-grilled wild asparus and vegetables (price 1 kg.) 45€
(recommended for 2 people)


Grilled red snapper
with crispy wok vegetables and soy sauce (price 800 grs.)  25€


All our fish is served with stone grilled vegetables


Pork ribs
slow-cooked for 12 hours, glazed with barbacue sauce (400 grs.) 18€


Grilled Iberian portk
with smoked olive oil  23€

Grilled sirloin steak glazed
with our special Aníbal sauce 26

Sucklinkg pig slow-roasted
for 14 hours with our special Aníbal sauce  26€

Chargrilled beef tenderloin
aged for 45 days (350 grs.)  32€

Chargrilled RIB-EYE
aged for 30 days (400 grs.) 45€
(to share)

All our chargrilled met is served with French fries and Padron peppers


Homemade carrot cake (230 grs.) 7,50€

ico gluten ico lecheico-huevo

Tocino de cielo (traditional Spanish dessert)
with pistachio powder (optional) 7,50€


Homemade chocolate cake
with biscuit soil (230 grs.) 7,50€


Biscuit cream with a chocolate brownie
and vanilla ice cream (180 grs.) 8€
(our Chef’s dessert)


“PapaAníbal” Chocolates
Two coulant and two chocolate fritters with Baileys ice cream and melted chocolate  14€
(to share)

ico gluten ico lecheico-huevo

Bread and crackers service  2
(price per person)

VAT is included